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Our Current Herd Sires

 Our Herd bulls are from proven blood lines we have put to the test in an everyday environment in the Kansas heat and cold.  They have to maintain body weight on grass and hay during breeding season. 

Deewall Family Herefords - Herd Sires

D Advance 426


 D Advance 426 43502675. A D Advance 304 (Doc)  Son. His dam is Miss D Advance 249.  She was 15 years old when she had her last calf. 

D Advance 526


  D Advance 526 Reg # 443599091 He is a son of D Advance 906 and his dam is D Advance 6 42711885  In this photo in 2019 as 4 year old we breed to our heifers.  

D Advance 616


 D Advance 616   Reg #43704351  A really stout son of D Miss Advance 94 on the Cow Herd Page and sired by 906.  We used this  bull a small amount last year and have several yearling heifers and sale bulls from him.

Deewall Family Herefords - Herd Sires

D Advance 676


D Advance 676 Reg #43704408  sired by D Advance 182 !  We bred him to our first calf heifers for their 2nd calves.



D Advance 540


D Advance 540  Reg # 43599103   A D Advance 906 Son out of D Advance 09 Cow.   He got stifled and we are waiting to see if his daughters are as nice as they look before we collect him. 

Deewall Family Hereford | Sire Generational Diagrams


Pedigree Diagrams

 Sire Generational Diagrams -  Interested in the generational history of our sires?  Click on the links to view both the Sire Line and the Sire of Dam Line diagrams.    Sire Line 2 and   Sire of Dam Line 2 

Deewall Family Herefords - Foundation Sire - AI Sire

D Adv Red 11


(RIP) Adv Red 11   Reg # 42196479
Adv Red 11 was one of our main herd bulls. We were truly impressed with his easy fleshing ability, his body type with the heavy muscling, and his great style and breed character. His mother, Miss V4 also was the mother to two other herd bulls that we have used in our herd, Adv 42 and V4 Advance.  

Adv Miss V4


Adv Miss V4  Reg # 19230467  was a very sound cow that was in production up to 15 years old. She was the mother to three of our herd sires, Adv Red 11, Adv 42, and V4’s Advance. She was Daddy’s last, and only, cow that he ran with his old horse for three years after he sent us the remainder of his cows. When he decided that Colorado was too rough for her, he sent her to us.  We had three more calves by her.  She is the most influential cow in our herd in that she shows up 56 times in pedigrees of cow  

D Advance Red 11


This photograph taken when he was in his old age but still active and in good flesh, sound footed and breeding cows for us.  We continue to use his line in our A I program today.


D Advance 182 - A I Sire - Walter

D Advance 182 (Walter)

Sired by D Advance 644 and out D Advance 90  a Adv Red 11 daughter.. His first calves were small at birth, are a very good kind, and look like they will grow. He really fits the pattern of a Nash/Deewall herd bull.   

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