Our History of Nash/Deewall Herefords

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Our History

Jane Nash Deewall’s Grandfather, Walter C. Nash, acquired the first cattle of the herd in 1914. The cattle were from Gudgell & Simpson breeding and were purchased via two Canon City, Colorado breeders, William A. MacKenzie, and George Crow.
Walter Nash, and his son, Franklin, age 16, made two landmark purchases in the early 1930’s with the purchases of the bulls, Dominant Mischief from W.N Balyney, and Advance Domino 84 from Fred C. DeBerard. Many of today’s herd trace directly back to these two bulls. One of the first landmark sires to be born on the Nash Ranch was Tonie Mischief, born in 1938, and was sired by Dominant Mischief with a Hazford Tone 33 dam. 

One of the major foundation sires, Pres Mischief 33, was a double-bred Dominant Mischief, born in 1948. Franklin wrote on his pedigree, “He and the 29th were the top calves of the 48 crop. They both made herd bulls that we loved”. The 33rd was the sire of Pres Mischief 68, born in 1954. Pres Mischief 68. In Franklin’s words about Pres Mischief 68, “nobody had a better one, than this bull, in his time. He came as near to having it all as any bull in the breed in the late 1950s.  His dam was 18 years old when she dropped her last calf”. The 68th was a double bred Dominant Mischief and also a double bred Advance Domino 84.  

Our History of Line Breeding at nash ranch


Nash Ranch in Colorado

Nash Ranch in Canon City, Colorado where it all began and Jane Nash Dewall  grew up on. 


Registered Herefords since 1914

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Pres Mischief 68

Double-bred Dominant Mischief, born in 1948.   The 33rd was the sire of Pres Mischief 68, born in 1954. Pres Mischief 68. In Franklin’s words about Pres Mischief 68, “nobody had a better one, than this bull, in his time. 


Three Strong Son's of Pres Michief 68

Three strong sons of Pres Mischief 68 were used extensively in the herd- Mischief AB, AB Misch 86 (They were full brothers), and Real Misch 110. Franklin wrote about the full brothers “They were truly magnificent bulls that showed a lot of size, muscle and correctness. Ten sons and many grandsons of these two bulls have been used in the herd”. Real Misch 110 was a long trim and extremely stylish bull. Many of the cows in the Nash herd go back to this bull. 

 One of the ten sons was Beau AB 147, born in 1962. Franklin used several of his sons and the bull left several daughters in the herd.  During this linebreeding time, Franklin would occasionally go purchase a bull sired by a Nash bull that he had sold to another breeder. That is the case with Misch Real, a bull that he introduced into the herd, sired by Nash bred Adv Real, an AB Misch 86 son. Triple President was another of these purchases from the Marvin Bohmont herd. Both of these bulls appear several times in the pedigrees of today’s cattle. 

Deewall Family Herefords - Nash History

Top Nash Hereford Bulls in 1960's


Franklin Nash at the halter late 1960's.  Top Selling Bull Sold at Skyline.

Adv Z146 Foundation Sire


ADV Z146

 Adv Z146 was calved in 1981 out of a Misch Real daughter and sired by Triple Pres (the bull purchased from Marvin Bohmont). Adv Z146Franklin wrote in one of his ads about Z146, "We can say that he fits our criteria, he is producing sons that are big, fancy, smooth, good-doers. They sell well, are extremely trim and meaty with just the right amount of daylight to be impressive. The daughters out of Z146 are excellent. They retain their condition in the winter and milk great." As the grand sire of both Red Bear 51's and Red Arrow's dam, Adv Z146 appears in the pedigrees of many of our cattle.  

The Arrow Foundation Sire

Franklin Nash and The Arrow


 In 1981, Franklin purchased The Arrow from the Carlson Herefords. The Arrow turned out to be a monumental purchase that traced back to the Fred DeBerard cattle that Walter bought in the early 30’s. Franklin used The Arrow until he was 13 years old. At that time, he was super sound, still had the great fleshing ability, and had no eye problems. The Arrow left many sons and daughters in the herd. Today, our main herd bull, Adv Red 11 traces directly back to The Arrow. Since the purchase of The Arrow, the herd has been a pretty much-closed herd. Franklin Nash was an expert in line breeding and had the customers to prove it. One large pool in Saguache, Colo. purchased bulls from the Nash Ranch for 60 straight years!! 

Deewall Family Herefords - The Arrow Skull


The Arrow Skull

Franklin's daughter, Julie Nash from Colorado Springs, CO  painted this picture on the skull of  THE ARROW. 

D Advance 22 Foundation Sire


D Advance 22

 D Advance 22 was a grandson of The Arrow and out of an Arrow Misch daughter. His sire T4's Advance was out of one of Daddy's favorite cows that shows up in the pedigrees of several of his herd bulls. He is the sire of D Advance 908. When Franklin saw 22 as a yearling, he told us "You watch that bull he will make you a great herd bull", and he did. He is the sire to a lot of our commercial and some of the registered cows in the herd today. They are all extremely "easy keeping". The 22 genetics would work in any grass program or would add a lot of efficiency to any herd. On top of the easy fleshing ability, he was thick, heavy muscled, clean and easy to like.